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our corporate clients:

 Computer Depot's ​APD (Aerial Pilot Division)  services  can provide an  immediate impact to  the  following commercial and  government  operations:   

- Fire Fighting Search &  Rescue Law                 Enforcement
- Wild Life Management
- Farming and Agriculture 
- Oil Refinery Complexes
- Construction Management 
- Department of  Transportation
- Nuclear Power Plant Facilities
- Environmental Protection Agency
- Waterways Dams, Levies & Locks
- Industrial Manufacturing Complexes
- Before & After  Construction Photography
- Real Estate Property Sales  and Advertising Aerial  Photography

 Inspection and  maintenance  monitoring of  the following but not  limited to:

​​- Water Towers
- High Rise Inspections
- Industrial Exhaust Stacks
- Road and Rail Bridges  (Before, during and after  construction and follow-up  inspections)
- Industrial Construction  Projects (Before,           during  and after construction and  follow-up     inspections)
- Broadcast Communication  Towers (Before,       during and  after construction and  follow-up     inspections)
- High Power Wind Generator  Towers (Before, during and  after construction and  follow-up inspections)
- Industrial and Commercial  Roof Tops (Before,   during  and after construction and  follow-up     inspections)

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Aerial Pilot Division

Streamable live drone video link can be delivered in-office with zero latency. Crews can instruct pilot via radio or cell voice link.

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our corporate clients:

Aerial commercial Photos

Computer Depot's Aerial Pilot Division drone video being observed by R&A Contacting's project foreman via live feed to an HD Monitor. 

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Geared towards construction crews, insurance agents, and contractors, our 'On Scene. On Demand.' service provides a real time data link on either:

A 40" HDTV flat screen television, providing a crystal clear video feed. Pilot can be instructed by crews on the ground instantly to get the exact footage required.


A live, digital, streaming broadcast link accessible by PC, Android, iOS, or any other internet connected device. Also available is a Skype© live link. This brings voice and video conferencing to multiple locations to multiple parties. Construction crews and management can view in real time progress completed right from their own desks.